Friday, February 10, 2017

Future Goals/Dreams

I have one major goal, and it starts right after High School. I really want to go to the United States Coast Guard academy. This is a college that you attend for four years, and they will pay for the whole thing. The only catch is you must serve or 5 yeas in the coast guard afterwards. Once you graduate from the college you will be an officer, which is above the highest rank that you can achieve with out gong to college. This just seems like a really good opportunity, and I have always wanted to be in the coast guard anyways.
I want to be part of the Drug Task Force if i get in. You get to travel all over the borders of the united states, and other allies with the United States. The jobs main detail is in the name. They tour the borders in boats waiting for calls saying that there is a boat near by, and needs to be checked out. They will arrive at the boat, and see whats up. Many times it can just be a fisherman , and they check for permits, or licences for that type of fish. If its not a fisher man a lot of the times it can be a drug boat. These boats can be very dangerous, because these people can act very reckless when they don't want to get busted. The Coast Guard gets on the boat and brings the people into incarceration if necessary. Those are the reasons that I want to be in the Coast Guard, and it seems like a very good opportunity.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Favorite Music

I really enjoy listening to rap, hip-hop, and trap music. Lately I have been listening to a lot of music by Chance the Rapper. My favorite song by him is No Problem. It is a very smooth going song and is very pleasant to the ears. The reason I like rap is because it talks about the things that go through many people's lives, that others don't realize. It puts me in a better place, listening, like nobody else is around. That is the reasoning for the music I listen to and love.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Reflection on Place and Culture

I love my home. I live on one of the beautiful places on the world. The great sunsets, the huge redwoods. I love living in a place where on the weekends I can go hunting, or go mountain biking. I love the small town I live in as well. No traffic, lots of true hard working people. One thing that I don't love about my home is the marijuana. People all over seem to abuse the drug. They push to sell to the young who will pay for it, and they don't seem to actually help the people who may need it for medicinal reasons. That's the things I love and not so much about my home.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

About Me

Hello my name is Adam. I am 14 years old, and 15 years soon. I love to play sports. I play three sports, football, wrestling, and golf. I enjoy hunting. this weekend I actually shot a deer. It had one horn, and the other one had broken off. The main thing that I love about hunting is the quietness. How peaceful it is. sitting on a rock on a hillside, trying to see how far you can. looking at the beautiful nature. One thing that has been getting a lot of my focus is looking into colleges. I want to attend a college in the state of Connecticut. It is the united states coast guard academy. That's about me.